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Contemplative Notes

Contemplative Notes
Posted December 7, 2017


Reflections from the Letter to the Hebrews for Advent Season


At the head of the scroll it is written of me:


A body you have given me, you did not desire the offerings of the Temple; you desired my will given to you through my body, once for all, which now is the “res aeterna”  --The Reality that is Eternal.


This is the reality of all salvation, all redemption, of all mystical union and transformation in God,

now celebrated and shared in the Church; for this end the Church exists.


Not potentially, but actually, Pure Act, in prayer there is the connection between my body given in Adoration, in silent love in the Presence of that Reality, in the will, in the AFFECTUM of love impressed upon my soul by the Spirit of Christ,

the act itself one with God, with Christ glorified, with Christ in the Church, in the Eucharist.


No more in the Temple of Jerusalem, but in the sanctuary of our interior indwelling.  “Neither here or in Jerusalem will you worship, but you will worship in spirit and in truth.”

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Amazing this morning, it was a little dark in the remembrance of past failures, and sins.  Then there was the sure call: Turn around and pick up the book by Dom Marmion, Christ, the Ideal of the Monk.  I chanced upon, or rather was directed to turn to this page spontaneously. Just flipped to the page with the following quote that was highlighted from a previous reading:


“Christ Jesus said one day: When I shall be lifted up from the earth, upon the Cross, my power will be such that I shall be able to lift up to Me those who have faith in Me.  Those who looked upon the serpent, in the desert, were healed; thus those who look upon Me with faith and love will be drawn to Me, despite of their sins, their wound’s and their unworthiness, and I will lift them as high as Heaven.  I, Who am God, consented for love of thee to hang upon the Cross as one accursed.  In return for this humiliation I have power to raise with Me those who believe in Me, even to the heavenly splendors whence I descended.  I came down from Heaven, I shall ascend thither taking with Me whose who hope in My grace.  This grace is so powerful that it can unite thee to Me, and unite thee so indissolubly that no one can snatch out of My hands those whom My Father has given Me, those whom I have, through pure mercy, redeemed with my precious Blood.”


p. 248

--William Fredrickson, Obl.OSB, D.Min.


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