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Posted,  June 19 2017


“Do religious people of high self-confidence somehow imply by their external bearing a spiritual contradiction?  Is it possible that one who loves God, and searches intently for him, can be only full of assurance in all choices?  Or is it nearer to the truth that when a soul is closer to God and indeed becoming contemplative, there is more likely to be at tines a tentativeness, a restlessness, a questioning directed at self, precisely because in the privacy of the soul in its relations with God a loss in continually taking place?  This is a loss and stripping of self that can leave our soul groping at times for an answer, unsettled, uncertain of itself, in large part because we are unsure exactly what  God is asking of us.  Not always, it seems, does the advancement of a soul in relation with God bring immediate courage and clarity and shining luster.  The spiritual life is a journey of varied experiences that include fits and starts and stumbling steps as well as times running with the rush of the wind at one’s back.  And yet a life truly seeking God is mysteriously of one piece.  Nonetheless, the harmonious interplay of the contrasting experiences over a lifetime may be recognized only at the end.  What we will recognize perhaps is the every impoverishment of our lives opened a path to a deeper surrender to God.”

From: The Contemplative Hunger, by Father Donald Haggerty,  Ignatius Press, pp. 93 - 94.


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“Friendship …implies a need to be known by another and, at times, the selfless attention of another.  But there is another kind of friendship.  The secret gaze of God upon our soul can be an exquisite form of friendship, incomparable to any human relations.

God’s friendship conveys a mysterious awareness that someone sees a truth in our soul that we do not yet recognize in ourselves.”

[And in that gaze re-creates in grace to the divine image of the Son and enlivens with the eternal life of God in the Holy Spirit.]


From: The Contemplative Hunger, by Father Donald Haggerty,  Ignatius Press, p. 57.



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