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Posted,  October 14, 2017

”I made known to them thy Name, and I will make it known, that the love with which thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.” John 17:26


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"Perhaps we are not conscious of a spiritual gift until it disappears.  The loss awakens the realization of a blessing no longer enjoyed.  And yet the sense of loss may be the superior grace and better that the possession of a gift we may have taken for granted.


The experience of loss can provoke our soul to a greater longing, not for the return of the same gift, which may not be possible, but to be more faithful to God and all he chooses for us.

The path to every deeper offering of ourselves to God passes through such experiences of loss and emptiness."

-- From: The Contemplative Hunger, by Father Donald Haggerty,  Ignatius Press, p. 109.



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